Hi, I am Arisa.

Welcome to Operation Umi! First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to check out my thoughts and imagery. I am a student at the University of NC at Wilmington, but I try not to let this title define me. I believe I am not only a student, but a conservationist, traveler, adventurer, enthusiast, filmmaker, photojournalist, amongst many other titles.

Driven by my roots, "umi" is Japanese for "ocean," and the operation? Well, the operation is to showcase the beauty of our world's oceans through photography and film, aspiring to ingrain hope and provide motivation to seek its restoration. The reality of our oceans doesn't have to be the reality of our children's or grandchildren's worlds. And YOU can help create that change. We are at such a critical time in history, and it seems as if we are surrounded by so much doom and gloom. We want to show the world that although our environment is changing, there is so much HOPE to be spread because of it

I am hoping that not only will you learn from me, but that I can learn from you. My inspiration comes from the life that sustains us, and I hope yours will too. Thanks for stopping by and let’s collaborate!