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St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel and travelers and the reach of his patronage is wide– from mariners and sailors to mountaineers and cattle drivers. In the 1960s, Californian surfers adopted the medallion and made it a staple of CA surfer style and romance. In fact, many surfers gave their partners a necklace as a symbol of “going steady”– oh what a blissful time for pre-Tinder romance.

By the 1970s the St. Christopher medallion became absent from surf style but has since been revived by Get Back Supply Co. who believe “[the medallion'] was like the membership card to a club of people who based their lives around the ocean and where the waves would be next. Almost half a century later, we at Get Back have continued this tradition in all its original radness…Living in the present and honoring the past is how we carry on this tradition of bringing people together. In every necklace, you are sharing your experiences – both past and present– in the water as well as in the mountains.”

We’ve partnered with Get Back Supply Co. to bring you a necklace that not only looks good but also gives back. The special edition, Save Our Seas medallion gives a portion of its proceeds to The Bahamas Plastic Project, an amazing organization that works to empower the youth of the Bahamas in activism through science and art. To read more about this amazing organization, click here.

Whether you’re new to surfing, an avid traveller, lover of the ocean, or all the above, may the St. Christopher medallion continue to bless you with safe travels, plentiful waves, and happy coastal memories that will last forever. Get your Save Our Oceans necklace, here.

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